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Smile Welcome to Possibilities and proven tools to help you create a life that's Healthier and More of what you really want!


Just like we all have our unique fingerprint, Shaklee Science has just introduced HealthPrint, a simple way - think 20 questiions, under 5 minutes! - for each of us to  actually create our own  customized health plan that fits our lifestyle and nutritional needs, goals ... and budget! 

Shaklee's Science and medical staff has been the trusted support system for Astronauts and Olympians (now 137 Shaklee supported medals!) for decades, and now that same science is here for you - to support you and yours on your quest for living more vital lives! 

Check out and begin your personalized health-building HealthPrint assessment now at:  www.healthprintmagic.com. You may also wish to check out our www.LadderofHealth.com (access: weisswell@aol.com) for a quick  (7 min) look at our philosophy of prevention!


If you're seeking a Lifestyle that gives you more freedom and abundance to really dream and live as you and your family choose (I like to think more eggs in one's financial basket!), I invite you to contact me for a conversation to discover new po$$ibilitie$! 

Our Team is looking for others who truly want to make a real difference in people's lives by Paying it Forward, and we look forward to sharing the gift of Shaklee's possibilities with  those of a curious spirit looking for solutions ... who want more for their lives!   

Possibilities:  Shaklee's life giving products, Dream Plan, and 'improving the lives of everyone we touch' transformed our lives because I was looking for solutions, and was willing to take a 'look' and a first small step ...

Curious? Check out www.wecreatepossibilities.com (access: weisswell@aol.com)!

So here's to your journey of creating the life you desire on every level ... I look forward to being of service! 

Jeannie Weiss, 
Architect of Change:

Office: 305.259.8000, Cell: 305.496.7321   weisswell@aol.com   www.onechangecounts.com